Virginia Regulatory Town Hall

Preliminary Draft Text


OPT Fee Adjustment 2023
Stage: NOIRA
18VAC80-30-50 Fees

A. The fee for examination or examinations shall consist of the combination of an administrative charge of $25 (spectacle), $25 (contact lens), and the appropriate contract charges. Examination service contracts shall be established in compliance with the Virginia Public Procurement Act (§ 2.2-4300 et seq. of the Code of Virginia). The total examination fee shall not exceed a cost of $1,000 to the applicant.

B. All application fees for licenses are nonrefundable and the date of receipt by the board or its agent is the date which will be used to determine whether it is on time.

C. Application and examination fees must be submitted with the application for licensure.

The following fees shall apply:




Application for licensure

$100 $125

With application

Application for contact lens certification

$100 $125

With application


$100 $125

Up to the expiration date on the license with a 30-day grace period

Late renewal (includes renewal fee)

$125 $150

Between 30 and 60 days after the expiration date on the license

Reinstatement (includes renewal and late renewal fees)

$225 $275

After 60 days following the expiration date on the license