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Implementation of HB145 for Physician Assistant Practice
Stage: Final
18VAC85-50-40 General requirements

A. No person shall practice as a physician assistant in the Commonwealth of Virginia except as provided in this chapter.

B. All Except as provided in § 54.1-2952 C of the Code of Virginia, all services rendered by a physician assistant shall be performed only in accordance with a practice agreement with one or more doctors of medicine, osteopathy, or podiatry licensed by this board to practice in the Commonwealth.

18VAC85-50-101 Requirements for a practice agreement

A. Prior to initiation of practice, a physician assistant and one or more patient care team physicians or podiatrists shall enter into a written or electronic practice agreement that spells out the roles and functions of the assistant and is consistent with provisions of § 54.1-2952 of the Code of Virginia.

1. Any such practice agreement shall take into account such factors as the physician assistant's level of competence, the number of patients, the types of illness treated by the physicians or podiatrists, the nature of the treatment, special procedures, and the nature of the physicians' or podiatrists' availability in ensuring direct physician or podiatrist involvement at an early stage and regularly thereafter.

2. The practice agreement shall also provide an evaluation process for the physician assistant's performance, including a requirement specifying the time period, proportionate to the acuity of care and practice setting, within which the physicians or podiatrists shall review the record of services rendered by the physician assistant.

3. The practice agreement may include requirements for periodic site visits by licensees who supervise and direct the patient care team physicians or podiatrists to collaborate and consult with physician assistants who provide services at a location other than where the physicians or podiatrists regularly practice.

B. The board may require information regarding the degree of collaboration and consultation by the patient care team physicians or podiatrists. The board may also require a patient care team physician or podiatrist to document the physician assistant's competence in performing such tasks.

C. If the role of the physician assistant includes prescribing drugs and devices, the written practice agreement shall include those schedules and categories of drugs and devices that are within the scope of practice and proficiency of the patient care team physicians or podiatrists.

D. If the initial practice agreement did not include prescriptive authority, there shall be an addendum to the practice agreement for prescriptive authority.

E. If there are any changes in consultation and collaboration, authorization, or scope of practice, a revised practice agreement shall be entered into at the time of the change.

F. Physician assistants appointed as medical examiners pursuant to § 32.1-282 of the Code of Virginia may practice without a written or electronic practice agreement.

18VAC85-50-117 Authorization to use fluoroscopy

A physician assistant working under a practice agreement with a licensed doctor of medicine or osteopathy specializing in the field of radiology or orthopedics is authorized to use fluoroscopy for guidance of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures provided such activity is specified in his protocol and he has met the following qualifications:

1. Completion of at least 40 hours of structured didactic educational instruction and at least 40 hours of supervised clinical experience as set forth in the Fluoroscopy Educational Framework for the Physician Assistant created by the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) and the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT); and

2. Successful passage of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Fluoroscopy Examination.