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General Notice
General Notice - Public Comment Opportunity - Proposed Amendments to Guidance Used in Enforcement Program
Date Posted: 8/21/2014
Expiration Date: 9/22/2014
Submitted to Registrar for publication: NO
No comment forum defined for this notice.

PURPOSE OF NOTICE: To announce an opportunity for public comment on DEQ Civil Enforcement Manual Chapter 4 – Civil Charges and Civil Penalties (Draft Revision No. 3)

PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD: August 22, 2014 through September 22, 2014

TOPIC OF PUBLIC COMMENT: The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is providing an opportunity for the public to comment on draft, revised guidance used in its enforcement program. The draft guidance addresses specific criteria used by DEQ to calculate appropriate civil charges and civil penalties in administrative enforcement actions for DEQ’s Air Stationary Source Program, Land Protection and Remediation Programs, and Water Programs. This revision incorporates penalty criteria for the Construction Stormwater Program in DEQ-administered actions. The draft guidance also includes penalties for violations of Remedy Consent Orders, clarifies penalties for failing to report oil spills, and makes other minor changes to existing guidance. Once final, the guidance will supersede Chapters 4 and 4A of the DEQ Civil Enforcement Manual (TownHall Nos. CEM-07A and CEM07B). This opportunity for public comment is published pursuant to 2005 Acts cc. 133 and 706. The draft text can be found at:

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