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Regulation for Emissions Trading [9 VAC 5 ‑ 140]
Action Repeal CO 2 Budget Trading Program as required by Executive Order 9 (Revision A22)
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1/30/23  9:00 am
Commenter: Glen Besa

Oppose repeal RGGI!

Virginia's participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is based on a 2020 Virginia state statute which means that DEQ and the Youngkin administration do not have administrative authority to repeal RGGI.  Additionally, RGGI is working as intended by the VA General Assembly in reducing GHG emissions from fossil fueled power plants which results in improved public health through better air quality. In reducing GHG, RGGI also is important in state efforts to address climate change.  The funds generated by RGGI also benefit Virginians by providing assistance with efficiency measures in the homes of low income families and funding to local governments in support of efforts to address sea level rise and recurrent flooding associated with climate change.  For these reasons, I oppose the proposed regulatory repeal of RGGI.   - Glen Besa 

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1/30/23  9:05 am
Commenter: Judy Hinch


Please keep us in RGGI. The funds help lower income, make improvements for energy efficiency; Also provide funds for flood control measures. I live in a flood zone in Chesapeake so I could benefit from these funds.

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1/30/23  9:28 am
Commenter: Rain Burroughs

Stop repeal of RGGI

I concur with Glen Besa's comments. Virginia and Virginians need all the help it can get to mitigate the continuing effects of the climate crisis currently taking place, especially for Virginians living in low altitude areas. Helping low-income residents with more energy efficient technologies that they can not do on their own helps us all. Rain Burroughs. Richmond VA. 

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1/30/23  11:12 am

Oppose repeal of RGGI

RGGI has raised a great deal of money to assist Virginians with resiliency efforts. I believe the regulated entities such as Dominion Energy should be paying the costs of participation and should not be permitted to pass them down to customers. However, in the absence of Dominion doing the right thing, I am not opposed to paying the “recovery rate” which at $2.39 a month is not oppressive. In my view the companies should be paying their fair share. 

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1/30/23  11:38 am
Commenter: Bob Adamson


I oppose the Governor's attempt to remove our Commonwealth from this initiative.  This is our only planet and we must take all measures to protect it.

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1/30/23  12:31 pm
Commenter: Liz Rugaber

Why does Gov. Youngkin oppose clean energy transition? Stop the insanity and KEEP RGGI!!

RGGI is a cooperative agreement among 12 states, including Virginia, establishing a regional commitment to reduce CO2 emissions from power plants within each participating state.  This is a market based cap and invest system.  Since RGGI's inception, states have reduced emissions by 50% and raised over $6 billion dollars to fund local energy efficiency and weather preparedness.  What does Gov Youngkin propose to generate the $524 million that has been generated by RGGI for Virginia thus far, to fund low-income family energy efficiency and community flood preparedness?  Power plants have been investing in cleaner fuels to generate energy since RGGI's inception.  The state has every interest in putting a price on carbon burning; the RGGI allowances do just that, while also providing a reasonable incentive for power plants to transition from coal burning to clean energy.  We evolve -- whale oil powered our lamps for a time, then coal powered our lives - the evidence is more than clear that the time for dirty fuels needs to stop it is time to evolve by staying in RGGI and providing effective solutions for transitioning to clean energy.

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1/30/23  12:39 pm
Commenter: Anne Wilson

Support/stay in the RGGI

Pulling Virginia out of RGGI, as Gov. Youngkin wants, will  strip away critical funding that local governments need as they wrestle with rising seas, flooding caused by sudden downpours, and extreme heat that are the byproducts of a warming climate. There is no alternate funding. Through its innovative cap-and-trade auction system, electric power plants are switching from dirty coal and natural gas to clean, renewable power. 

Auctions benefiting Virginia have generated $524 million to date with 50% going to low-income energy efficiency and weatherization programs and 45% to the Community Flood Preparedness Fund.   RGGI also offers considerable attention to lower income areas, ameliorating some of the issues they continue to wrestle with. This has been, and should continue to be, an area in which Virginia has been a leader.


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1/30/23  1:48 pm
Commenter: Whitney

Do not withdraw!

We and our future generations need clean air, and caps on co2 and carbon emissions are a necessary measure to ensure we don’t pollute ourselves — literally— to death. There is no reason other than gross human callousness and corporate greed to withdraw from RGGI. .

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1/30/23  2:58 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

We aren’t CA

We need to get out of this deal. We do not have the technology in place to do this effectively. 

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1/30/23  3:23 pm
Commenter: Johanna Bowen / Integrity Construction RVA LLC

Misguided or misleading?

It's a bit of a stretch to pitch this as saving money for Virginia's households. The Executive Order states that "typical residential customer bills were increased by $2.39 a month". Two sausage biscuits at Bojangles cost $2.49 plus tax. There are bound to be more impactful changes we could make to peoples lives than this "anti-green" decree, like a cap on the amount real estate taxes are allowed to go up in one year, for example.

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1/30/23  3:42 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Oppose removal! Quit pandering to your base!

Leaving RGGI risks derailing Virginia from continued progress to reduce climate pollution and will eliminate funds for existing programs that help protect Virginians from devastating floods and that save electric ratepayers money by lowering their energy usage.

RGGI is a proven program for combating climate pollution while investing in solutions that will make Virginia more resilient

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1/30/23  3:44 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

RGGI is a proven program for reducing climate pollution

Removing VA is just a stunt to gain political points with your wealthy donors. Nothing more. Worst governor ever!

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1/30/23  3:48 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Oppose removal!!!! Insane, politically motivated decision that forsakes common sense.

Virginia is already dealing with the costly impacts of the climate crisis, and RGGI provides resources to help protect communities.

RGGI takes a two-pronged approach to this threat: reducing the climate pollution that drives climate impacts like flooding, while investing in Virginia communities to build resilience in the face of flooding and other climate threats. Proceeds from the RGGI program go toward the Virginia Community Flood Preparedness Fund (CFPF), which provides loans and grants for projects, studies, capacity building and planning in high flood-risk areas across the state. Since joining RGGI, Virginia has already awarded over $30 million through the CFPF and has $40 million available in the next grant round, which closes in April 2022. At least a quarter of funding must go toward projects in low-wealth and rural communities, where resources are greatly needed.


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1/30/23  3:49 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

RGGI will create jobs and grow the economy while saving Virginians’ money

Virginia is ranked 10th in the nation for clean energy employment with 88,370 jobs.Currently, the state holds 8,831 jobs in renewable energy, including in solar and wind; 2,305 jobs in storage and grid; 71,505 jobs in energy efficiency; 277 jobs in clean fuels and 5,452 jobs in clean vehicles.

These industries are all poised for growth as Virginia continues to invest in its clean economy through RGGI and other programs. Numerous analyses of the RGGI program have shown what we intuitively know to be true: Growing jobs in the clean energy economy, reducing pollution that harms human health and the environment, and investing in workers and local communities has substantial net benefits. One analysisfound that over its first three compliance periods, RGGI created nearly 45,000 job-years in the region.

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1/30/23  3:51 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

RGGI benefits Virginians’ health.

When carbon pollution is reduced, there are often significant reductions of other health-harming pollution, including soot and smog. As RGGI has reduced carbon pollution across the region, communities have also seen declining levels of soot and smog.

In fact, a study completed in 2017 found significant health benefits from RGGI’s air pollution reductions, including avoided deaths, heart attacks and cases of asthma.

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1/30/23  3:54 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

RCGI protects children’s health

A study by leading scientists found that reduced levels of soot pollution due to RGGI from 2009-2014 benefited children’s health in particular, including avoiding cases of asthma, preterm births, cases of autism spectrum disorder and more harmful health impacts. The avoided costs of these health impacts on children are estimated at $191-350 million.

The governor of Virginia is a kook!!

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1/30/23  4:11 pm
Commenter: Max

RGGI Withdrawal

Leaving RGGI risks and derailing Virginia from continued progress to reduce climate pollution will endanger Virginia's ability to protect Virginians from devastating increase in flooding, limiting protection against rising seas, opening us to devastating air pollution, increased rains, droughts and much more. These are the climate facts but Governor Youngkin and his administration want to take us back into the dark ages under the guise of saving a few dollars in electric bills, give me a break. Youngkin will find other ways to increase electric rates to benefit his friends. We have a huge budget surplus, use it to increase the EV infrastructure so we can get away from the gas automobiles that cause the majority to our air pollution. I prefer to pay extra for my electric than give up on protecting God's earth as we have been ordained to do. Read your bible Youngkin about caring for your fellow beings and protecting the earth that God has made us the caretakers of. It's always about the money rather than what is good for the fellow beings that inhabit this earth.

RGGI is a proven program which moves forward our ability of combating pollution and climate change....KEEP IT.


RGGI is a proven program for combating climate pollution while investing 

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1/30/23  4:12 pm
Commenter: Charles Nurnberger

Regional green gas inititavite

Governor Youngkin is 100% correct that he withdraws the Commonwealth from the agreement.  It simply the right thing to do.  Let’s address the real culprits and boycott products manufactured in China, India and Russia.  We should not be buying rare earth materials from China and Russia to feed the Biden agenda for EV’s. We have plenty of rare earth materials that can be mined and mined much more efficiently aiding green gas reductions.

CommentID: 207986

1/30/23  4:21 pm
Commenter: Razia


Leaving RGGI risks and derailing Virginia from continued progress to reduce climate pollution is a selfish act to reward the energy sector and reward their friends in the gas industry. Under the illusion of reducing our electric bills Youngkin and his administration are proposing to open us to devastating increase in flooding, limiting protection against rising seas, opening us to more air pollution etc etc., just to save a few dollars in our electric bills, give me a break. Youngkin will find another way to reward his gas industry rich friends. We have a large budget surplus, use it to increase the EV infrastructure so we can get away from the gas automobiles that cause the majority to our air pollution. I will happily pay extra for my electric than give up on protecting the earth and our families from the ill's of climate change. The republican administration always only cares about the money and their rich friends rather than what is good for the fellow beings that inhabit this earth.

RGGI is a program which will help our ability to combat pollution and climate change....KEEP IT.

CommentID: 207987

1/30/23  4:41 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Withdrawing is bad for business and Virginia

This is a purely politically motivated scale from the right that endgames Virginians and business in the state. Renewable energy projects bring in jobs and additional tax revenue which is often brought into rural areas with large amounts of poverty. Governor Youngkin is only doing this because of politics. This is a terrible idea 

CommentID: 207989

1/30/23  4:50 pm
Commenter: Rich Keller

RGGI - Withdraw

We should not be tying our state policies to another state. Has nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with the sovereignty of the state and our voting power. If the state of Virginia wants to add laws on this subject it should do so, it should never tie our policies to another state. Their citizens vote for what they want and we should not be bound by others who do not vote in this state.

CommentID: 207990

1/30/23  4:55 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Do Not Remove Virginia from the RGGI

Do not remove Virginia from the RGGI and make coastal flooding worse.

CommentID: 207991

1/30/23  4:55 pm
Commenter: Anthony Stephens

Repealing RGGI is bad for VA

The motivation from Gov Youngkin is purely political and does not contain sound logic. The fact is the renewable energy projects bring in jobs and tax revenue into the state and often these areas are poor rural areas of the state. His claims that this would save the average household is false and has no merit. Large renewable energy projects have already brought millions of dollars of revenue into counties such as Charles City County, Louisa, Spotsylvania,  among others. we already have the technology in the state. This is bad for business, the environment, and Virginia. 

Further more, this is a blatant endangerment of future Virginians lives.


CommentID: 207992

1/30/23  5:01 pm
Commenter: Steven Greenway

RGGI Benefits

From Wikipedia "RGGI states have reduced their carbon emissions while still experiencing economic growth. Power sector carbon emissions in the RGGI states have declined by over 50% since the program began.[10] Media have reported on RGGI's success as a nationally relevant example showing that economic growth can coincide with pollution reductions.[11][12][13] "

Why would we want to withdraw from an initiative that makes our region cleaner and still provides economic growth? This seems like a win-win for everyone involved. If Virginia wants to compete in renewable energy and attracting technology and environmentally conscious businesses, we need to commit to these efforts.

CommentID: 207993

1/30/23  5:03 pm
Commenter: Dan Miller, PhD

Stay in RGGI

We must limit greenhouse gas emissions. Youngkin should respect the General Assembly and cut the far right conspiracy nonsense.

CommentID: 207994

1/30/23  5:11 pm
Commenter: Janet Ruddell

Stay in RGGI

We must protect the planet. Youngkin stop pandering!!!

CommentID: 207995

1/30/23  5:15 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Pull out of the agreement.

Citizens of Virginia will already be hammered by higher energy prices due to the federal government's ineptitude. Don't add to that pain by staying in the agreement.

CommentID: 207996

1/30/23  5:15 pm
Commenter: Stan Daywalt

Stay in RGGI

Virginia should stay in the RGGI! 

CommentID: 207997

1/30/23  5:36 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Better ways to help ratepayers.

Plenty of other comments will cover the flood prevention funding and downstream consequences of exiting the RGGI. If you really want to save ratepayers money either reduce the percent profit they are allowed or even better nationalize them. I don't want my utility company to be a publicly traded entity that only cares about profitability, I want it to be a forward looking public service. 

CommentID: 207998

1/30/23  5:37 pm
Commenter: Joseph Kosteczko

Pull out of RGGI

We should avoid entangling alliances with other states that have different priorities, demographics and economies.  The agreement is to binding for Virginia needs.  It will hurt our economic growth and also limit real solutions in controlling our emissions, creating more efficient power sources and driving down costs of for all our citizens.  The RGGI is political driven and not solution driven 

CommentID: 207999

1/30/23  5:38 pm
Commenter: RAP


Stay in the RGGI! No steps backward and ignoring pollution.

CommentID: 208000

1/30/23  5:40 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

RGGI is consistent with strong and sustainable economic growth

Remaining in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a flexible and proven cap-and-invest program, allows member states to reduce carbon emissions and is a simple, cost-effective way to do so.  We can achieve significant emission reductions through RGGI while creating value in myriad ways by driving investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency, including targeted efficiency for low-income consumers. 

Governor Trumpkin only cares about pleasing the coal lobbyists and will subvert the will of the overwhelming majority of his constituents to do so.

Worst governor ever!! He is not a governing for the people!

CommentID: 208001

1/30/23  5:44 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

RCGI has a proven record of results. Quit pandering to the coal lobbyists!

Proven Track Record of Results

RGGI has a 10-year history of delivering health and climate benefits to participating states. Residents in the Northeast are now experiencing significantly fewer premature deaths, heart attacks, and respiratory illnesses. And it’s particularly important to note that the health burdens of dangerous air pollution, like soot and smog, fall most heavily on communities of color.

Virginia’s governor cares more about the coal lobbyists than his constituents. Definitely not a governor for the people! 

Good riddance!

CommentID: 208002

1/30/23  5:48 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

RCGI has a successful record of reducing pollution, but the guv shamefully favors the coal industry.

RGGI has a proven track record of reducing emissions while providing economic and public health benefits. By bringing new states into the RGGI market, the program can improve overall environmental and climate outcomes, while providing expanded opportunities for cost-effective emission reduction for those subject to the regulation. Cost- effectiveness facilitates greater ambition in the program and keeps costs low for consumers.
We have been successfully harnessing the power of markets for decades to solve our most pressing environmenta

CommentID: 208003

1/30/23  5:50 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

RCGI stimulates economic growth

As emissions have gone down in RGGI states, thousands of new jobs have been created in the clean energy industry, and ratepayers are saving money on electricity through improvements in building energy efficiency. There is also potential for cost savings in the transportation sector, where investments in electric vehicles, clean transit options, and efficiency improvements can save money on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.

The proceeds generated from an allowance auction, called an emission allowance value, can be used to support various policy objectives including investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy, transportation improvements, and consumer bill assistance. Savings on energy bills increase consumer spending, benefitting the state’s economy as a whole. The state can also direct proceeds to benefit priority populations, investing in communities most vulnerable to and overburdened by air pollution. These investments provide emission reductions, consumer savings, and regional job 

CommentID: 208004

1/30/23  5:51 pm
Commenter: Holly Hazard

Stay in RGGI

We can not solve the problems associated with climate change piece meal and or on our own. This coordinated effort is a great step forward in protecting our planet for future generations. Please don’t trade the health of our world for some short term economic gain.

CommentID: 208005

1/30/23  5:55 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Subverting the will of the vast majority of constituents by pulling out of RCGI

Disgraceful, politically motivated move by the governor.

A good Christian puts others first and is not driven by greed. How dare you waste the envIronment as a political stunt.

And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. Truly I tell you, they already have their full reward." Matthew 6: 5

CommentID: 208006

1/30/23  5:58 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Stay in RCGI

The fact of the matter is that in Virginia, participation in RGGI is required by law. Only lawmakers would have the authority to change the nature of Virginia’s relationship to RGGI. Of course, given the many millions of dollars that the program has already brought into the state for Virginians who need it most, it’s hard to see why anyone would want to- except of course the cruel, “Christian” governor. He could care less about his constituents or the environment. It’s all about playing to his base. Pity your soul!

CommentID: 208007

1/30/23  5:59 pm
Commenter: Nancy

Stay in the RGGI

This is a sound, reasonable program to gradually reduce greenhouse emissions in our region. It doesn't impose unreasonable limitations or create huge financial hardships for industries. I wish it weren't necessary to have these kinds of programs, but industries have proven they won't make the improvements on their own.

CommentID: 208008

1/30/23  6:00 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

RCGI is a win. The governor is a loser.

Withdrawing Virginia from RGGI jeopardizes our low- to moderate-income families by removing a vital and irreplaceable funding source that supports energy efficiency and health and safety upgrades to the most vulnerable segments of the population. 

CommentID: 208009

1/30/23  6:01 pm
Commenter: Linda Ellen Childs

Virginia must not bow out of the RGGI

I am a resident of the Commonwealth since 1979, I am also a proud grandma of 3 Virginians, born and bred. This beautiful state began to thrive under previous Democratic administrations; its water and air are much cleaner than they have ever been. I strongly urge you to continue to protect these precious resources by continuing in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Iniative!




CommentID: 208010

1/30/23  6:03 pm
Commenter: Stair Z Calhoun

Stay with RGGI

It is one step we can continue that will help with the climate problem and help those impacted.

Do the right thing, help your fellow Virginians.

CommentID: 208011

1/30/23  6:04 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Stay in RGGI

I’d rather have clean breathing air than help Dominion Energy lobby more politicians.

Youngkin needs to stop stumping for President, and listen to the delegates WE elected to state legislature. We’re a representative democracy not an oligarchy. More posturing to whip up a base. We are the UNITED states, and we are stronger in unison with our neighboring states. 

already killed the ford plant which would have helped Danville and Martinsville dwindling population. 

CommentID: 208012

1/30/23  6:18 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

It’s appalling that Virginians should have to fight the governor on remaining in RCGI!!!!!!!

This just speaks to the governor’s lack of character. There’s no Christianity here. Just cruelty.

Leaving RGGI risks derailing Virginia from continued progress to reduce climate pollution and will eliminate funds for existing programs that help protect Virginians from devastating floods and that save electric ratepayers money by lowering their energy usage.

CommentID: 208015

1/30/23  6:20 pm
Commenter: Parrot1500

Stay in the RGGI

Stop running for president in 2024 and stay in the RGGI. Seriously, the RGGI is slowly achieving what we need - comprehensive regional control over excess climate emissions, a decent start in what will be a long haul that will continue long after you go back to vulture capitalism.

CommentID: 208016

1/30/23  6:23 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Stay in RGGI

Why do we want to go backwards???  Makes no sense, we have to start somewhere, its already way late.  Remember, we are not trying to save the planet, the planet is fine without us one way or the other.  We are trying to keep our and our kids environment livable so we can survive. 

CommentID: 208017

1/30/23  6:23 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

RGGI is a proven program for reducing climate pollution!! The governor cares only for his minorbase!

RGGI has been operational for over a decade, cutting climate pollution from power plants in half in member states. The program uses a market-based approach that sets a total limit on pollution for the region that declines over time. Polluters must then purchase an “allowance” for each ton of pollution they produce. This compels companies to invest and innovate to reduce their pollution, including by switching to cleaner forms of power generation, advancing energy efficiency, creating programs to manage electricity usage, and more.

There are numerous protections in place to ensure the price of allowances remains stable and predictable, and every independent market monitoring report of the decade-long program has found that the market has functioned smoothly.

The governor of Virginia is a buffoon- subverting the will of the people for political gain! 

How is that being a good Christian?

CommentID: 208018

1/30/23  6:29 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Stay in RGGI and do more to Prevent Climate Change

Youngkin shouldn’t bend to the will of the fossil fuel industry. The planet is the only one we’ve got. Stay in RGGI and do more to incorporate climate change initiatives. 

CommentID: 208019

1/30/23  6:30 pm
Commenter: David Mellor

Please stay in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

I urge you to stay in the RGGI. It is a cost effective and important step to reduce harmful pollution that is damaging all regions of Virginia. Please be on the right side of history and stay in this agreement. 

CommentID: 208020

1/30/23  6:32 pm
Commenter: Bobby

Stay in RGGI

When will politicians learn that clean energy solutions will create more jobs and tax revenue while helping to mitigate the cost of global warming being forced on the Federal government, state government, city governments and private individuals.  We need to save our grandchildren from this horrible mess we are leaving them.

CommentID: 208021