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9/25/20  5:19 pm
Commenter: Thomas L McFadden

Mask wearing by healthy people is voodoo science

Do you people want Virginia to lead the nation in voodoo science?  After 7 months of this suppose "pandemic" and the 144,433 "confirmed or probable cases" including the 80,000 "confirmed cases" asserted by the Virginia Department of Health since July 1st, only about  18,150 Virginians have ever required hospitalization because these people are not sick!  That is  0.2 of 1% of 144,433 cases!  It's supposed to be a "deadly disease" but according VDH, only 1 person under 20 has died and only 7 between 20-30. Unlike most jurisdictions, VDH does not report underlying conditions but based on national statistics, 96% of those who dies did have underlying conditions.  Who died? According to VDH, Virginia has 3,136 deaths in a population of 8.5 million and of those 2301 were persons over 70. If the VDH wasn't so incompetent, it would not have allowed nursing homes and elder care facilities to become "killing fields." If you people are destroying Virginia's economy because of Democrat Party politics, shame on you.

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