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9/25/20  3:02 pm
Commenter: Beverley Ambs

DOLI standard on COVID-19

I live in a small rural Virginia town in southside Virginia that has worked very hard to struggle with the demands and standards brought forth from this pandemic. Most of our businesses are small and many of them family owned.  This standard is cumbersome and poorly written.  It seems to have been developed for large companies and corporations with the legal, administrative and compliance staffs to handle the regulations obviously written in legalize to purposely confuse the general public.  In my small town our businesses are struggling to stay afloat and their businesses open.  They are working to provide much needed services to "normalize" living here and to pay their bills and employees.  They do not have time to work 10 -12 hours a day for their businesses, take care of home responsibilities and family, SLEEP, and meet these tedious standards.  They are doing their best to meet the CDC and State guidelines - which they strive to be in compliance with.  This is an unnecessary burden to small businesses in small communities.  If this standard is so important, why was it buried in the back of the Sports section of The Richmond Times-Dispatch on July 27, 2020 and no notice on the front page of the paper about this?

I agree with others that this is a burden to our businesses that are struggling with the economic burdens of this pandemic as well as the trouble staffing their businesses with competent team members.  How many regulatory organizations does it take to kill the small businesses in Virginia with duplicity in standards and regulations?  Where is the time and money for these standards and guidelines supposed to come from?

Does the State of Virginia plan to continue to battle COVID-19 forever?  If not, then why make this regulation permanent?   We have not done anything like this in the past and this seems to have been developed to create busy work for our small businesses.  What is this going to do to help the businesses in Virginia grow?  I understand the need for guidelines, but not for multiple duplicate standards in addition.  My next question is - how do you plan to monitor this - by hiring staff and costing the public and businesses funds that they already do not have?


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