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9/25/20  9:08 am
Commenter: Debbi Hetrick

Strongly Oppose

The research that I have been doing in an ongoing study to find out how much wearing a mask actually helps the prevention of this virus has led me to understand with certainty that a mask only helps to prevent the spread of bacteria not viruses. Since Covid-19 is a virus, I do not understand why any health department would even suggest that this is helpful to the average person. I would however, like to see an encouragement of a healthy lifestyle which would build the immune system thus lowering the chances of either getting the virus or reducing it’s severity. This would include healthy eating, exercise, cleanliness, good sleep and the reduction of alcohol, smoking and drug use. Our bodies are naturally designed to fight off infections and the exposure to them helps to build your immune system. This, along with the numbers of hospitalization and deaths being so minor compared with the population, seem to be in complete disproportion to the hype this virus has received. I therefore, would like to encourage this committee to truly evaluate actual, truthful statistics, in their decision and not base it on widely populated misinformation. 

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