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9/24/20  4:06 pm
Commenter: James Kline


This is an unfair requirement, especially if made permanent.  Small Businesses have largely been ignored by the State and Federal Government supply system. This law would add excessive reporting and paperwork.  We do not have large administrative departments and frequently the development,  reporting and, documentation is left up to the owner/Doctor to try and develop and maintain in addition to seeing patients. While large Hospitals have been supported, given, and allowed to hoard the majority of PPE the smaller private practices continue to suffer and be ignored by State and Federal Government. Large corporate practices have dozens of admin to comply with the excessive reporting and documentation requirements of this law while small practices do not.  The State of Virginia does not require dental insurance companies to pay fair reimbursement between large practices and small, does not supply adequate PPE to small practices, does not require suppliers to fairly distribute PPE, and  because we cannot charge patients for PPE we are forced to absorb the costs of PPE we are forced to pay outside of normal channels.  Do not add more onerous regulations and requirements for small practices to suffer with and be prosecuted out of existence for. We have always been safe, are trying to be as safe as possible and will continue to do so - but the supply system, Government and Private, is slanted to large entities and this law would require small practices to go bankrupt or close or stop seeing patients to allow enough time to "Develop" policies.

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