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9/24/20  2:19 pm
Commenter: Daniel Rickmond, BHCI

Strongly Opposed to Adopting a Permanent Standard

I work in the construction industry and supervise workers in the field.  I strongly oppose instituting any permanent standards in regard to COVID-19.  We already impose strict safety compliance standards and are adhering to all guidelines.  Instituting a permanent standard on something that was just instituted as a temporary standard 60 days ago is negligent.  Furthermore living in a state where masks and temperature checks are the permanent way of doing business is not a place anyone with common sense would want to live.

I am opposed to any amendment to include other flus, viruses, colds, or other communicable diseases in any permanent standard. There is no one-size fits all plan to combat a wide variety of infectious illnesses.

The Emergency Standards are burdensome, obsolete, difficult to enforce, costly in time and money, and lack flexibility to adapt to current science and innovation. I am STRONGLY OPPOSED to the adoption of these as a Permanent Standard for what is a temporary health situation.

I remain committed to the health and safety of my coworkers and thank you for the opportunity to publicly comment.  

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