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9/4/20  9:49 am
Commenter: Anonymous

Intent to Permanently Mask the Citizens of Virgnia

There has been no actually, peer-studied, published, definitive evidence that masks work.  There is a lot of extrapolation from half-way done trials, no doubt, but hard evidence?  And any info should come from an agency that people can trust, which will be a challenge.  The CDC has been shown to lie, as did the WHO, as did the VA Governor. 

If masks work, then why social distance?  If social distancing works, why close everything?  I suspect VA will try to mandate a vaccine for something with a 0.03% fatality rate, but I digress. 

This a clear example of governmental and agency over-reach.  The state needs to completely re-open.  

If this does actually take effect it will be interesting to see what (and who) exemptions are contained in the final verbiage.  We all know Governor Northam is a fan, and practitioner, of "its good for thee but not for me".  Whether that is not wearing a mask or wearing blackface.

In closing I refer you back to our state's motto...but in today's vernacular, "karma's a witch".

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