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6/23/20  12:14 am
Commenter: whitney t summers

total stupidity and against the Constitutions of US and Va

As one that is versed in aseptic techniques(microbiology lab technician for 8 years) I feel I am qualified to speak. Wearing of masks and 6 foot distancing is severe over kill and extreme if required of all. Only those who are symptomatic or tested positive and asymptomatic should be required to wear masks period. That way the public knows who the carriers are and can avoid them. Six foot rule is just a joke too. A good sneeze sends aerosols tens of feet. Forcing a citizen of the US to do anything unreasonable and uncomfortable is a violation of their civil rights. The common cold is more contagious than this so called pandemic and more die from food poisoning, car accidents, cancer, heart attacks and dare i say abortions than this virus. Wake up and be smart!

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