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6/22/20  11:30 pm
Commenter: Connie Allen

No Masks and let our children go back to school

Please stop this craziness. These masks are not helping and it is time to stop this mandate. Also it is VERY important for our children to be able to go back to school in a healthy learning environment.  They will not learn what they need to by staying at home. They will also not develop the social skills needed in the adult world if you keep them all apart. You will be damaging millions of children if you do not provide learning in schools in a normal setting. Stop putting your political agenda before the well being of all the citizens in this state. If some parents dont want their children to go to school they can always home school them. My children deserve a food education and that is where my tax dollars go. 

Thank you and please do the right thing to end this mandate.



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