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6/22/20  10:59 pm
Commenter: Paul Liston

No Mask Requirements, Only Voluntary

As a concerned citizen of the state of Virginia, Covid-19 resfrictions need to be lifted and mask policies removed.  If citizens desire to wear a mask or instructed by a doctor to do so after testing positive for the virus, then those conditions should be the only guidance.  In the latest exposure model publically announced by the CDC, the chance of being infected for anyone under 60 years of age is approxiamtely 0.02%, and for those above 60 years of age is 0.4%.  Those are only to be infected, with the risk of fatality even lower. This recent study from the CDC is based on all data on the virus to-date, and is extremely conservative by additionally assuming no social distancing, no mitgation actions (no masks), and that every asympomatic person has 100% chance to spread it someone else. With all these assumptions, which the CDC has also stated is extremely conservative as an asympomatic person is highly unlikely to spread the virus.  Additionally, CDC, WHO, OSHA, and the US Suregeon General have repeatedly stated the limited effectiveness of using cloth masks (which most of the public is encouraged to use by our state government), and only admits they are the easiest item accessible to "comfort" the public.  Meanwhile, health studies stretching back decades showcase you are 10 times more likely to spread the infection by wearing a mask, due the stastics that a person touching their face 23 additonal times a day if wearing a mask.  Thus, if you wish to protect citizens, follow the CDC and OSHA reports, and stop mandating that the public wear masks.

Furthermore, if the state is so concerned with deaths due to COVID-19, then is there not a similar efforts made to combat the deaths from flu which have seen similar (and some years higher) death rates in the last 15 years?  Please perform your duty to the people and stop this fear mongering amongst the people. Near every state in the midwest that has "fully opened" continues to decreases in any covid cases. Why is Virginia lagging behind especially when the "main" areas of concern are a few counties across our vast state?

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