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6/22/20  10:23 pm
Commenter: Amy Cooper

No maks

This is ridiculous to ask people to do this for 6 months. We don’t help build herd immunity. Also The CDC said that the masks do not help. This is going to cause pleurisy in the lungs to people over time. I do not support this at all. The CDC says Guidelines not rules. Guidelines are to give instructions to help us not make it rules to wear a mask all the time. This is our choice to wear a mask. Masks in any form in the school building.
1. Masks do not protect against viruses.
2. Masks restrict oxygen intake. Oxygen is hugely important for our brain function, for our immune system, and for every other process in our body. When a person wears a mask they are breathing in their own carbon dioxide and decreasing their oxygen intake. There is new science coming out suggesting that wearing a mask could actually worsen the effects of the virus by increasing concentration in those who have been exposed.
3. Masks create fear and stress. As a mother, I do not want my children surrounded by adults wearing masks nor do I want my child in a mask for any reason.
4. I am horrified by the thought of teachers being forced to wear masks. A large part of communication and social skills is watching a person’s face to fully understand social cues, etc.

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