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6/22/20  9:24 pm
Commenter: S Barrell

No more mask mandates..

The evidence to support this continued mask mandate connecting the limited (if any) viral load from asymptomatic spread to casual interactions for a virus with a mortality rate of .2% is questionable and threadbare at best..  These measures are political chess maneuvers and only serve to bolster fear-driven protocols instead of research and common sense.  There is also plenty of counter evidence to suggest that 1) prolonged use of masks causes increased risk to the wearer AND 2) research studies on mask use specifically excludes children and people with certain/many and major health conditions.  These sweeping mandates, in the name of *one size fits all medicine,* ignore and disregard the large portion of the general public that were broadly elimnated from proper safety studies--potentially causing more harm from the restriction of natural breathing exchanges than the actual virulence/mortality of the illness that's trying to be prevented.  Let's get our hospitals what they need to do their jobs and let the *curve finish it's curving. We Virginians want to be in control our own health decisions.  End the mandates. Send the kids back to school.  

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