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6/22/20  7:54 pm
Commenter: Ashley J

Masks voluntary unless in a medical facility

Masks should be voluntary unless in a medical facility.  No business should be penalized for not enforcing since they cannot legally ask if there is a medical reason for not wearing one.  Anyone who is worried about the virus can and should stay home and have groceries delivered etc to protect themselves without infringing on the rights of everyone else.  

Schools MUST REOPEN FULLY.  This virus has not shown itself to impact children even as much as the common stomach bug or flu each year.  There is also no evidence that it spreads readily from asymptomatic carriers or that children pass it to adults as frequently as adult/adult spread.  We cannot continue to negatively impact our childrens’  educations.  NOTHING in what we have learned about this virus warrants that.  Some of these kids will take at least 2 years to catch up to wear they were in March due to learning issues and inability for parents to help them learn from home.  We can check temperatures as students enter the building and enforce frequent hand washing, etc.  Anyone with cough and no fever must wear a mask.  Parents need to have the option of distance learning if necessary due to their child or someone living in the home having a compromised immune system.  Let’s stop making decisions based on politics.  

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