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6/22/20  7:09 pm
Commenter: Betsy Blackstone

The state and our schools needs to fully open back up without restrictions.

After giving the time needed to see how COVID-19 would actually affect the country/state we’ve learned enough to know that it is safe to open back up. The numbers that are being used to make decisions aren’t even accurate, instead they are grossly misrepresenting the number of those sick and those who have passed. How does the same person being tested three to four times all count as a mother person sick? How does someone dying from a heart attack who happens to test positive for COVID-19 have their death count as a COVID-19 death? Looking at the actual data shows that group homes of all kinds were the lead cause of most of the cases. Those cases were caused by negligence of policies and procedures. I own a child care center. We have remained open and serving children throughout all of COVID-19. We have not had one case in that time. We have not had one staff or child wear a mask in that time. We did temperature checks, we watched for symptom, we cleaned our classrooms, toys and center. We followed policies and procedures. It can be done and it isn’t difficult. Teaching our children to live in fear is unhealthy to their mental health and development. Our children need to around others. They need to be exposed to germs, we all do. That’s how our immune systems strength and learn to recognize different germs, illness, etc and how to fight against them. Continuing the mandatory masks, forcing children to emerge masks as school is not doing anything but hindering the situation. Those that are high risk can and should take precautions but the rest should carry on, continuing to build our communities up and our immunities up. 

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