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6/22/20  6:58 pm
Commenter: Tara Donkers

Please support the health and welfare of your children and educators! Listen to the CDC and the data

Please do not rush into opening schools without following the data from the CDC! Science does not lie. Opening schools must be done with careful consideration for the students, educators and all staff. If you rush into this without a proper plan for protection, you are asking for this health crisis to continue and flourish. Please request that a proper plan be in place for both a Virtual Opening and a Face to Face Opening. Each district should be required to have both plans in place before August. Training for educators and staff should required for both types of openings. Technology for students should be made available should the need arise with support for families who don’t have access to WiFi. If schools are going to open up Face to Face schools should be required to follow the guidelines from the CDC as far as PPE, and the limitation of students per room 

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