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6/22/20  6:47 pm
Commenter: Maureen Croson

Forced mask wearing violates Virginia Constitution

The mere fact that this is even being considered is bothersome to say the least...

This notion that, we the people, are subject to rule by forced mandates to wear a specific item of clothing is in direct violation of Constitutional rights granted to us by the Constitution of Virginia and the United States Constitution.

We are not subjects to a Lord -we are free people - to freely choose.  Any law requiring the wearing of a garment over the face or head violates Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Expression.  Not to mention a good argument for violation of the 14th Amendment and Civil Rights violations, as well as, discrimination of disabilities.

You do not get to grant yourselves authoritarian based on a medical matter.  One, I will note - you do not have all knowledge of - this is being played by the ear.  Nor do you get to use such an issue as a means to justify violations of Constitutional rights and stripping them from the residents of this state.

I would hope you will consider Not making law that has a quick route to the courts, costing the tax payers of this state an unnecessary financial burden.



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