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Regulations Governing the Practice of Physical Therapy [18 VAC 112 ‑ 20]
Action Practice of dry needling
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7/24/19  7:35 pm
Commenter: David Vincent

NO dry needling WITHOUT acupuncture licenses

he practice of utilizing acupuncture style needles should be regulated by the state to only be allowed by a licensed acupuncturist, with adequate hours of training. 

For the following 3 reasons;

1st, is that it is a public safety concern. Without proper training and knowledge of the human body and anatomy it posses a danger to patients if an unqualified person administers an acupuncture type needle into the body. A minimum of at least 1,000 hours of training is required by most states in America. California requires 3,000 hours of training to become a licensed acupuncturist. 

2nd, Effectiveness.  Acupuncture is only effective when utilizing the theories and clinic methodologies of this medicine by a trained acupuncturist. It is not as simple as, this body part/muscle hurts and if I stick a needle in it the pain will go away. There is more at play when needing to resolve pathology in the body, from proper diagnosis of the problem to the acupuncture needle selection, placement and manipulation. 

3rd, Acupuncture needles only comes in dry form without any liquidity solution. It has been founded thousand years ago. Should only be administered by an License Acupuncturist.

I urge members in legislation to request clinical studies that would compare the effectiveness of Acupuncture vs Dry needle techniques before making their decisions. Without sufficient evidence one is making an uneducated decision that would pose harm to the public.

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