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4/12/19  8:23 pm

Do not ban reparative or “conversion” therapy to children

I do not think it is appropriate to ban reparative or “conversion” therapy to children just as I think it would be inapproprate to force parents to use it on their children. It really shouild be up to the parents. The therapy is talk therapy to help children figure out their feelings and also to educate them.


While I could end my comments there I will say that when I was a child, I wanted to grow up to be a dog. I even asked to be called the same name as a family friend's dog. I really thought I could grow up to be a dog. I never went to therapy, but you can guess it was not too long before I realized I could not grow up to be a dog. Now while a male child may grow up to be attracted to another male, or may want to be a female. It is probally best to give it some time and reparative or “conversion” therapy to children can be a tool used to help the child figure out what his/her true feelings are be that because he/she agrees with the therapy or rejects it.

If the therapy is rejected, I understand the time delay may mean a more costly and painful "transition" but overall that might be better than having many people transitioning young only to outgrow those feelings. I know I am glad I never transitioned to a dog ;-) 

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