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3/19/19  4:43 pm
Commenter: Ryan

Unethical and Dangerous

Providing treatment without sound unbiased research is unethical and dangerous for those it is used upon.  It creates a culture where personal opinions on disorders guide treatment, rather than replicable medical treatment which improves the condition and improves the emotional well being of the participant.  It also opens a door to allow conversion therapy forcibly in the future because a persons sexuality is called into question.  At what point would you draw a dividing line to determine the sexuality of an individual?  Can an accusation by another individual now necessitate forcible conversion therapy for your own children if we validate it with legislation or guidelines putting it in the same category as a disorder listed in the DSM V?  Regulation of an unapproved treatment does not change the fact that there are no recognized medical professions that identify the validity of this as a treatment, nor the benefits to the individual it is being used upon.  Additionally secularization of the state, as well as separation of church and state was enshrined in the Constitution.  As a state body, supporting legislation that endorses a religious medical treatment, creates a precedent to support other religions introducing legislation to medically "treat" individuals of disorders that they believe they possess.  This sets a dangerous precedent not only for the population immediately impacted by this legislation to only "regulate" conversion therapy, but also for the overall population to now fall subject to the whims of whatever disorders other religious bodies feel they suffer from, and what an effective treatment looks like.  Prohibition of conversion therapy, not regulation, is needed.  

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