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3/19/19  8:40 am
Commenter: Eddy Aliff, Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists

Opposition to current guidance documents on counseling same-sex attraction

I urge rejection of the current guidance documents preventing licensed counselors from helping those with same-sex attractions to overcome such feelings. Having a bachelors degree from the University of Richmond in biology, it would seem this area should have a major bearing on this area. Feelings can change for so many reasons and it should not be the basis for allowing a child to continue believing this is his/her destiny for life. The process of maturing through adolescents is challenging enough. Please do not prevent a counselor from providing direction to help those children better understand being a male or female in conjunction with their biology. Let this not be the same debacle undertaken in the past century of sterilizing those considered unfit due to mental deficiency. This is a very subjective field of study and limiting certain types of counseling will be damaging to future generations. 

Therefore, on behalf of the Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists, I urge rejection of these guidance documents related to what has been incorrectly labeled "conversion therapy".

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