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3/19/19  8:00 am
Commenter: Dennis Smith

Please do not punish counselors who help patience overcome unwanted sexual feelings

Everyone knows emotions are weird things. You may feel one way about a food or television show one moment, and later completely change your mind about it.  There have been many people that I thought that I was in love with, only to find out that it was the result of other things going on at the time, fatigue, excitement, the pressuring of friends, all these and more can affect our feelings towards other members of the opposite sex and even the same sex. When someone goes to a counselor to discuss theings going on in their lives, they are looking for someeone to help them become the person they want to be. If they want to pursue a relationship or if they don't want to pursue certain relationships.  Perhaps past relationships make them cautious, or perhaps their own beliefs and morality suggest that they would not be wise to seek a relationship with a person who drinks alcohol, or is not good with their finabnces. Is it not their right as the consumer to seek help for the feelings that they do not want?  Regardless of sex, race or other factors. You do not have to agree with them, and the counselor does not have to counsel with them.  Is the goal here to make us all the same and not allow for any disagreement at all?  Is not the goal here for the Muslim, the Homosexual, the Jew, Christians and others to coexist?  Or is it that we all have to agree with popular opinion or be put down?  I ask that counselors be able to counsel those who come to them with the counsel they are asking for.  So that each person can become the person he or she wants to be.

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