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2/22/19  3:54 pm
Commenter: EHS

Manual Drafts


The CMHRS Medicaid Provider Manual Drafts made available for public viewing, have provided helpful informative changes. Respectfully, I would like to ask for clarification addressing the below statements in regard to supervision for MHSS services. There is a discrepancy in the language relating to QMHP-A providing supervision for MHSS services. We would not support requiring LMHP types to solely conduct supervision for MHSS and PSR services. It would not be cost effective for the MHSS and PSR programs.  

Chapter II bullet 3 states, “Mental Health Skill-building Services providers must be licensed by DBHDS as a provider of Mental Health Community Support services. Mental Health Skill-Building services shall be provided by an LMHP, LMHP-S, LMHP-R, or LMHP-RP; a QMHP-A, QMHP-C, QMHP-E under the supervision of an LMHP, LMHP-R, LMHPRP or LMHP-S; or, a QPPMH under the supervision of a QMHP-A, a QMHP-C, QMHP-E, or an LMHP, LMHP-S, LMHP-R, or LMHP-RP”.

Chapter VI pg. 14, bullet 10 states “DBHDS requires the supervision of services that are supportive in nature such as psychosocial rehabilitation or MHSS shall be provided an “sic” LMHP, LMHP-S, LMHP-R, LMH-RP or QMHP-A”.  We would support Chapter VI pg 14 bullet 10

Thank you for your consideration

Best Regards

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