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6/17/18  1:57 pm
Commenter: Tirsit Abebe BSN-RN, DREAM-HOPE Home healthcare services

In support of the draft regulation for HB 793

NP will play key roles in improving healthcare outcomes, and I fully support reducing Virginia NP practice restriction. One of the problem is few state including VA State, adapted full practice authority license and practice laws for NPs to obtain written or electronic practice agreements with physician or multidisplinary team. This shows NP has many restricted practices and required supervision to delegate or team management by outside health discipline in order to provide patient care.

I believe NPs education and training is not the same as physicians, even though physician and NPs possess a similar goal of improving patient outcomes, barriers to successful collaboration exist. As NPs obtaining admitting privileges to acute care facilities, possess significant obstacle for continuity of care, patient outcome and coordination of patient care. This impact areas of NP management, health policy, and risk management, quality control, and diagnosing and managing disease process.

Allowing NPs also to practice autonomously will impact healthcare providers, policy makers, and payers as increasing demand for services. Healthcare professional will be challenged to meet the needs of an aging and diverse population within an emerging NP workforce shortage. In anticipation of the an increased NP healthcare providers that will needed in the future, I support the NPs allowed to practice autonomously, and permit to practice to the full extent of their education  and training. These help build the workforce necessary to meet the country's healthcare needs at large, and contribute their unique skills to the delivery of patient-centered acute care and community setting healthcare.

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