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Advance Health Care Directive Registry [12 VAC 5 ‑ 67]
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12/26/17  10:25 am
Commenter: Cindee Dickens

Advance Health Care Directive Registry [12 VAC 5 ? 67]

Hello.  I just want to say that being a person with long-time mental & physical health issues and have filled out many advanced healthcare directories in Maine, California, and Virginia over the last three decades..  I would absolutely support a nationwide electronic advanced healthcare directory system. 

When I’ve filled out healthcare directories before, and I have a new one at home waiting to be filled out but haven’t for the last six months because I feel it is a futile effort.  Why do I feel it is futile?  Because I was in the ICU once a few years back and NO ONE who had access to my advanced healthcare directive, namely my parents in Maine, didn’t think to say “hey wait a minute my daughter has an advanced healthcare directory, do you want to see it?” She totally ignored and/or forgot about my directory.  No one saw my directory while I was in a coma for five days in the ICU. NO ONE!

Three times now in the last decade I have filled out advanced healthcare directories as I am being rolled into the operating room for a surgery.  The people at admissions didn’t seem to know about them, then when they found out about the hospital’s directories they were a little annoyed that I wanted one and they had to find one for me, and I was actually still filling it out as the anesthesiologist was putting me under.  I was kind of annoyed at all that and it just makes me think that it is a waste of time to fill them out. But I have strong feelings of what I want to happen with me and my body when I am on my way out of this lifetime.  So how else can I take care of this?  No way actually..  Hiring an attorney would be that same as putting my parents and/or friend and/or relative in charge.  No use essentially.

Even if the persons listed on the advanced healthcare directory is efficient enough to have my (and everyone else’s healthcare directive in their glovebox or on their person they are responsible for) and they are assertive enough to present it at the time needed, they may not be available at that time.  There has to be one directory for everyone’s wishes throughout the country.  Otherwise there is no point of filling them out in the first place.  However, for now, I would be happy with one database including the entire Commonwealth of Virginia that is available to ALL facilities in the Commonwealth - police, fire, EMT, hospitals of all kinds, everyone.  ASAP..

Please support this effort and I feel it is desperately needed.

Cindee Dickens


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