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7/16/14  5:10 pm
Commenter: Richard McGrain

Too much banter about a baseless problem.

There is too much complaining about "voter fraud." We all know that the actual fraud is less than .00001% and that The fraud that is committed is usually discovered in a timely manner. The only fraud that I can remember in the 6 years I have been here in Virginia was the gentleman who tossed out a bundle of new registrations, and we all know what that was about. If you are going to restrict people based on a "valid" id, what are you going to do about people who make calls to the elderly and give them the wrong date for the election, or tell them they can vote by phone and leave the thinking they just voted. "FRAUD" is a very difficult thing to prove and if you go too far with restrictions, you will wind up cutting out more legal voters than fraudulent voters, thereby depriving many people their RIGHT (not privilege) to vote. The only time I know of that voting was a privilege was when the English mandated only land owners could vote. So please, think about the Pandora's box that will be opened if you try and restrict voting rights any more than they already are. Work on something more worthwhile, like, restoring voting rights for felons, AUTOMATICALLY.

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