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Regulations Governing the Practice of Pharmacy [18 VAC 110 ‑ 20]
Action Pharmacy working conditions
Stage Emergency/NOIRA
Comment Period Ended on 11/22/2023
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11/15/23  8:35 am
Commenter: Anonymous

Please help our profession

The emergency orders seem wonderful however, everyone I know are terrified to participate in fear of losing their jobs. We are fire at will in Virginia. We know a few months down the line and one metric missed will send us out the door so unfortunately we cannot use this to help us at all. The only way to force companies to do right by is is to make laws that require certain things. We need laws that require at least 2 people working at all times. This is bottom line requirement for safety. At my store we the pharmacists must work 33 hours alone each week. This is impossible to do safely for the public and our workers and our mental and physical health. Stop by and see one of us working alone trying to give a shot, answer phones, fill prescriptions, do required inventory, make pcq calls, etc etc. This looks like slave labor as viewed by our patients. We look unorganized sloppy, rattled and unprofessional. Patients blame the people they see not the companies. We beg you to help us. We beg you to enforce mandatory training requirements and technician hours that do not change throughout the year. In order to have a great pharmacy we need technicians to be able to have a steady job with decent pay they can count on. A real career that someone actually can survive on. These companies give 20 hours a week and also tell us to use 1.5 hours on a certain day then 3.25 hours the next day. It is crazy and we find ourselves eternally hiring and retraining. The technicians hate how they are treated like their work life balance is unimportant. Please please give our profession it’s professionalism back. We need walls back to give us time to serenely do our job. Think doctor office environment. 30 minute lunches do nothing. We work through them because we have to. The pharmacies I have witnessed are the most unsafe dirty stores you have ever seen. No one cares at all. Not the pharmacist not the DM no one. It is overlooked. People are hanging on like a thread just trying to survive the day. No one has time to actually clean a counting tray. But why do your inspectors overlook so much when they come in? Why can a piece of paper with directions be stapled to the outside of the rx bag and not attached to bottle be legal? Why is this overlooked. Who is paying you to overlook all of these things. It will stop when you decide to make it stop with laws. Mandatory tech to pharmacist ratios at all times. Mandatory open and closing activities before and after business put into schedules. Calm working environment for calls and communication with outside agents/patients. Mandatory allowed bathroom breaks and places to sit down for all employees. This job is very demanding why can we not sit down for a few minutes. No chairs allowed. No mental breaks. Our future is in your hands. Decide who wins - your pocketbook of funds or our profession as a whole. 

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