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11/8/23  9:40 am
Commenter: Anonymous

No vaccine is an "emergency" anymore

No other profession would allow unlimited walk-ins.  I'm sure dentists could make more money seeing 100 patients a day.  But they don't.  Because it can't be done professionally.  Could a fast food business function with 1-2 employees?  No.  It would be a ridiculous mess.  When we walk in on any given day, we already have 100 prescriptions to fill.  Would a dentist take time consuming cavity walk-ins that could wait when they already had a full schedule for the day?  No.  We don't have to save the world.  That imaginary task is over.  Yet, we are still being asked to drop every prescription task in favor of immunizations.  And immunizations really back up the workflow.  I have heard of some pharmacists being tasked with 100 immunization appointments a day when they are scheduled by themselves on a 12 hour day doing 500 rx's on a normal day.  HOW can corporate see that in any way safe?  They know it isn't safe and demand it be done anyway.  And that same pharmacist was asked why she hadn't made any progress on her prescription que for the day by her supervisor.  Are you kidding me?  And unless a 30 minute break is made into law that the pharmacy has to shut down during that time unless another pharmacist is present, that pharmacist will not get an uninterrupted 30 minute break.  Period.  It's like telling a spousal abuser to go home and "be nice" to their spouse by a judge.  It doesn't work that way.  Your business wants you available to the business.  They want you available to the customer whenever they need you.  Tech training is also too long.  A clerk should be able to count pills at the very least instead of stand there in between customers to help with production.  Chains are bleeding techs because of the stress ever since the mass Covid immunizations.

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