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Department of Environmental Quality
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3/28/23  5:05 pm
Commenter: Monica Masson

NO to Diesel Generators in Loudoun County.

The challenge of pollution and global warming is no longer the science, or the rate of innovation, but the rate of implementation: We have the clean solutions; let's bundle them and install them. Please reconsider the implementation and use of Diesel Generators in Loudoun county, with a population of 65,000 or more. Why? 

Exposure to diesel exhaust can lead to serious health conditions like asthma and respiratory illnesses and can worsen existing heart and lung disease, especially in children and the elderly.  These conditions can result in increased numbers of emergency room visits, hospital admissions, absences from work and school, and premature deaths. Emissions from diesel engines contribute to the production of ground-level ozone which damages crops, trees and other vegetation.  Also produced is acid rain which affects soil, lakes and streams and enters the human food chain via water, produce, meat and fish. The negative impacts are endless......... 

The government, organizations should be advocating for cleaner energy resources and not revert back to the resources which from time to time have been proven to be harmful to human kind. Let's leave a better place for our generations to come. 


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