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Department of Environmental Quality
Department of Environmental Quality
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3/22/23  5:10 pm
Commenter: Chris Tandy

No Variance
This variance should not be approved.
1. Particulate pollution is hazardous to the health of humans and wildlife. These tiny particles get into lungs and cause respiratory issues including asthma and reduced lung function. There is more and more evidence all the time that particulate pollution also causes cancer and birth defects. Over 3lbs of particulate pollution per generator, per hour seems like an egregious burden on the local community.
2. The variance applies only to Loudoun County which likely will encourage construction of more data centers in Loudoun where they can enjoy relaxed emissions rules and further exacerbate the problem.
3. Local air monitoring is inadequate for the public to be adequately informed about the resulting increase to local air pollution. 
4. DEQ's responsibility as I understand it is to protect the environment that we all use and enjoy, not to enable excessive pollution by industry.
Please abandon this variance plan.
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