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Department of Environmental Quality
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3/20/23  6:19 am
Commenter: David S Ward

No Variance for Generators in Loudoun County

As a resident of Loudoun County for 39 years I strongly urge that you not to allow a variance for Dominion Energy to operate diesel generators to run data centers 24/7 simply due to poor planning.  To allow this is simply absurd.

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality was created to protect the public -- not to meet the needs of a billion dollar industry that has the money, abilities, and one would think research and development to properly run their centers in an environmentally way that lowers, not heightens, possible health impacts to humans and wildlife. I urge DEQ to require the data center industry fall in line with existing guidelines. Whether or not it costs the data center industry should not be of our or DEQ's concern. The cost of human health and environmental safety should be paramount, concurrent with the DEQ mission. 

I strongly urge the DEQ to take a firm stand against the Loudoun variance and stop this environmental menace in its tracks.  In short, simply adhere to your own mission and vision.

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