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3/19/23  2:26 pm
Commenter: Wendy Talley

These proposals make no sense

These proposals that have been put forth could not possibly be put forth by persons who have a loved one who is disabled and needs constant care (but in a loving environment at HOME with a parent who knows them and knows what they need).

My son is now 20. He does NOT trust many people.  It takes years for him to feel comfortable with someone new in his circle and then, his interaction is limited with them.

He needs help with ADL’s.  He needs help dressing still.  Bathing.  Communicating. This is not something that somebody off the street for $12.70 wants to do.  There is no reason for anyone to apply for a job like this with no benefits.  No sick pay. No full-time hours.

If you are lucky to find someone to work for that poor pay and show up for work, not be on their phones, and not ignore your child is a miracle.

I can do it because I love my Son!  I know exactly what he needs.  Although I’ve had to give up a career and stay home, you are saying by these proposals that I am not worth it either.

I’m not sure why our disabled population has to fight so hard to be part of our society and fight for every last piece of dignity to exist and live a good life today.  To have good people to help them.  To have their family be part of that equation and yes get compensated as well.

These changes proposed are wrong.  Back to the drawing board, please.

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