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Regulations Governing the Practice of Veterinary Medicine [18 VAC 150 ‑ 20]
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12/5/11  11:41 am
Commenter: Molly's mom

Part 2 of 2


I traveled to the Board Meeting and requested that one of the vets on the board review Molly’s record with me and show me where I am wrong.  Show me why it is reasonable to leave a non responsive kitten with no one to watch her and not to call the owners.  I can assure you, our decision would not have been to leave Molly unattended knowing she was non responsive.

The assistant Attorney General advised his client, the board, not to speak with me. In my opinion, the Board was afraid to review Molly’s record because the care she was given is not defensible.   Unfortunately, I thought the Attorney General also owed a duty to citizens.

I actually went to the Board twice and made a public comment; neither time would the Board post verbatim my comments, even when provided with an electronic copy.  Not the open and transparent government that our Governor calls for at least in my view.  I am not sure why the Board refused to look at Molly's record and tell me why I am wrong.  (I am also aware that there was a Board member who had been sanctioned, my question is did he review Molly's record and does he not want to sanctioned vets?? Just my question.)


Then, they said that the record was “confidential”.  It was my kitten’s record, if there was anything confidential in the record, it was my confidential information to waive.


I contacted both Secretary of Health and Human Services in VA who never responded to my letter.

I contacted both the governor’s office and the attorney general’s office; neither of which would speak with a citizen of VA.  Mr. AG I will not be voting for you in your bid for governor.  I think if I was a large donor, the governor or AG may have been more inclined to speak with me.

My state delegate did attempt to help me.


If anyone reads this, most unlikely, I am more than willing to share Molly’s record and my experience with the Board with you.

If you are a vet who is being investigated for failing to give a pet a reasonable standard of care, please contact me and I will share all of my information with you.  As is evidenced and in my opinion, the Commonwealth of VA has effectively no standard of care that vets must follow.  If you fail to follow regulations to  destroy a drug or violate some otherv regulation that does not impact the safety of our pets, this Board will most likely find against you. 



Molly Mittens Mom


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