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10/7/11  11:16 pm
Commenter: Madison Cummings, Democratic Party, Albemarle County, absentee voter

the parlous state of US Democracy

I am sadly convinced that the GOP nationwide will stop at NOTHING to influence elections deleteriously. The attempts in Fla, Penn., and midwestern states to limit the franchise for students, poor folks, the less educated, and newly registered voters and "adjust" the votes of the Electoral College are unconscionable. I guess the "strict constructionist" Supreme Court's granting "victory" in Florida in 2000 provided proof positive to the Republicans that the Democrats were too pusillanimous to rise up and defeat these tactics. I can only hope that the "Democrat" Party has learned its lesson REPEATEDLY and will finally stand up for decent electoral values in making it easier to vote rather than harder. It's kind of pathetic and embarassing when we Americans stand in judgement of other countries' electoral processes! Those of us who care and are aware about what's going on must take back our Republic by limiting campaign finance, enacting term limits (e.g. 12 years), and implementing non-partisan redistricting. The issues are so much greater than the welcome protests on Wall Street's financial finaglings, but that's a start. As Ben Franklin said 222 years ago, "Yes, Madam, you have your republic, if you can buit keep it!" 'Nuff said.

R. Madison Cummings, Jr.  10/7/11

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