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Action Material omissions from absentee ballots.
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10/7/11  9:31 pm
Commenter: Gretchen Vermilye

My vote should count: licked envelopes, proper names, and dates be damned

If someone has taken the trouble to vote and followed the directions as best as they could, absentee or otherwise, their vote, by all rights (and yes, some of us think of our responsibility, too) should  count. OOOPS, I inadvertently left an extra space between SHOULD and COUNT, and now I have to worry if you will be humane enough to allow for my flawed typing skills, if not my deeply flawed humanity, and honor my opinion.  

On a similar note, will you honor that Deputy Registrar or Administrator (comment #3 or #4 on this list, and I'm sorry, I have short term memory loss--and that's a diagnosis, not a joke)? If that noname commenter's opinion is honored, something is flawed with his/her opinion making, but we can read it and you can, too.  It's somebody's opinion, and he/she went to the trouble of entering it here, on this very site.  Whether he/she wanted to remain anonymous or simply didn't read all the instructions, his/her intentions were clear, so in effect, that person voted and I think it should count. (OK, a bit of a stretch, but not really...).

And, let's not overlook the double enry in that approximate area (close to the top) of this list of comments.  "JUST SAY NO" to people who think they can vote twice and get away with it.

I strenuously object to the "further defining" regulations that are being proposed that may nulify my vote, or my mothers' vote, or anyone of the paltry percentage of Americans who take the trouble to vote .  ALL VOTES COUNT, even if you got straight D's in school, or F's, for that matter.  

Bob = Robert; even if you don't like the potential outcome of an election.

Date = P.O. mark if not on envelope B; even if you don't like the potential outcome of an election.

Signature = scrawl, initials, palsied, sloppy, even if you don't care at all...we voted and our votes should count.


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