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Action Material omissions from absentee ballots.
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10/7/11  6:07 pm
Commenter: Patrick Hamilton

ID/Signature Verification
Actually, as a banker, the issue of valid ID and signatures is something that greatly concerns me; after all, if someone is forging a signature or doesn't do a good job of making their signature, it can be a sign of fraud on an account, and I have a responsibility to protect that customer's account from any tampering. Also with ID in general, being able to at least verify that the person who is receiving either cash/information about the account it legitimately allowed to have access to those things is again, another protection I am obliged to carry out in my role as a banker.

Consider then that someone may be attempting to rig a ballot in order to help their candidate win in an election. We would obviously cry foul, regardless of whether or not this was done in person or it is an Absentee Ballot. Also, considering that going through such an ID process is actually more difficult for the State than for a bank, I am not surprised by this regulation. I would personally be more inclined to agree with the proposal than to disagree.
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