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Comment Period Ends 6/27/2008
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6/14/08  6:19 pm
Commenter: Richard Webb ECA

Asbestos Contractors hireing air testing and montoring firms
This must stop some where. The best abatement contractors would prefer the owner to hire the monitoring firms. This allowes the contractors a known job cost. But look at reality,the state licenses individuals passing a test a supervisor license,and now they are a compent person for all enviromental health & safety jobs that person preforms under that license. The contractor traines and directs this individual, provides all info & state of the art equipment,materials, PPE ,to do the job,and regulary checks the jobs setup & progress. Now the question is how many of you have been on projects where the contractor has hired is a licensed supervisor, a compent person in charge of that project licensed by the state to run the job. And when you leave you think to yourself the last thing that person was is compentent. This is what contractors are faced with in todays workforce,the veteran professional supervisors have moved on due to the heat and stress on their bodies in this industry. New workers are not as reliabel. These are some of the reasons contractors hire third party monitoring firms,its not only to insure air testing accuracy,pump calibrating,and quick turnaround on samples. But, to also demand and asure that every aspect and control measures are in place to protect the public, workers, and environment. Along with all PPE correct & worn properly, and inside personal & excursion samples correctly collected for accurate results. To maintain a third party log of all activities and events documented. In short to demand that all rules & regs are in order. Without this assurance how many contractors would have our license today. Contractors are no better than the supervisors running their jobs. Wake up its real life out here the work force is not getting any better. DONT TAKE AWAY THE ONLY INSURANCE THE GOOD CONTRACTORS HAVE LEFT.
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