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Department of Energy
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9/16/22  5:54 pm
Commenter: Mary Hodge

Say goodbye to solar and wind. Nuclear is the way of the future.

Nuclear power is the cleanest, safest, most reliable form of energy production, and produces the most energy on the smallest land footprint.  It is my understanding that Dominion already possesses the technology that can place 5 mini-reactors to power the state!  

Our rural lands are being over run by the greedy solar industry with their massive and corrupt government subsidies.  I live in a rural community, where farming and forestry are the mainstays of our livelihoods, which also serve to preserve and protect our land from "development".  The solar industry is taking advantage of rural people who lack the resources to defend themselves.  The environmental hazards or razing prime forest and farmland and fencing it in with solar installations will truly create irreversible climate and environmental devastation no one with any common sense seems to realize.  Then, the next looming monster on the horizon are the massive battery installations and data centers that will then take up an even greater proportionate amount of land!  

I am against the power purchase agreements Dominion has made to make ratepayers the ones responsible for their deals to the computer and other industries in a sham bid for "carbon offset credits"!  

I am also against the massive wind project Dominion is proposing along Virginia's coastline, and then have the audacity to want hold the ratepayers accountable for their inefficiency.  They would serve us so well if they took these funds and build the reactors mentioned above.  It would save a lot of birds and marine animal lives!

Thank you for giving the public this platform for our input and engagement.  My bottom line, is remove Virginia from the Virginia Clean Economy Act, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, as well as that stupid California law about converting to electric vehicles!

Get solar out of town, stop wind development, and invest in clean nuclear and natural gas power technologies.  This will power the Virginia of the future, and preserve and protect our beautiful state!

Please feel free to contact me for further participation in this initiative. Thank you!


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