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Department of Energy
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9/16/22  4:10 pm
Commenter: Lisa Spears

Solar farm
Governor Youngkin,
As a farmer, a mother and a person who truly loves the beauty of our rural county. I can not state how much a solar farm would destroy our little community. The environmental effects of having a solar farm out number any amount of good that would come from one. Not to mention to run a solar farm cost around $890,000 dollars. Who is going to pay that? I’ll tell you, us the tax payers. Our small community. The median annual household salary in Lunenburg county is $45,884. Not to mention most of use don’t use any electric vehicles. We are against this not because we are standing in the way for progression but because we care about county and our Environment! Please take what we are saying to heart. We elected you in because we believe that you will listen to our views! 
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