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Department of Energy
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9/16/22  3:06 pm
Commenter: Elle De La Cancela

We cannot afford to move backwards

As a young Richmond resident, concerned about my own future and that of the Commonwealth, I urge Virginia to remain in RGGI, continue to adhere to the Clean Cars Standards, and continue to implement the Clean Economy Act. I focus here on not the environmental impacts, which are various, vast, and dangerous, but on the economic, which will hopefully have more weight with this audience. It is imperative to continue with the current trajectory or risk being left behind economically. For example, as nationally we turn away from fossil fuels, it would be ridiculous to invest in new polluting infrastructure instead of getting ahead of the game in developing energy independence through offshore wind and distributed solar. Decommissioning coal and gas plants will save us thousands in public health costs, when accounting for the reduced pollution. Additionally, we will be spending far more money fighting the inescapable effects of flooding due to climate change if we are to pull out of RGGI now. Automobile manufacturers are already turning to electric vehicles -- for those who parrot that this is bad for the economy, to pull from the clean car standards would be working against the grain of future development. It is bad business to pull out of commitments that we made -- to other states, to ourselves, and to future generations.

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