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9/15/22  11:45 am
Commenter: Energy Right VA

Let's take a balanced, conservative approach to clean energy development

We are Energy Right–a non-profit organization that is engaging in every Virginia locality considering clean energy policy and projects from the Blue Ridge to the Bay. We will share best practices and model policy to all who are interested in bringing a conservative perspective to the clean energy table. Energy Right strives to ensure energy is developed the right way with a focus on property rights and conservative ideals including an all-of-the-above energy strategy led by a market-based approach. 

To lower costs of energy for Virginians, the Commonwealth should promote the lowest-cost energy generation available. Increasingly, the lowest costs of energy generation come from clean energy sources like solar projects with a large upfront investment for solar panels and construction, but extremely low costs over time with fuel costs of zero and with panels that are guaranteed to produce energy for 25-30 years. The commonwealth should allow the free market to select for the lowest cost, stable, and secure energy mix within our all-of-the-above strategy. Competition should be encouraged wherever possible, and renewables should get a fair shake. 

Just as federal regulation and legislation can and does raise the cost of oil and gas for citizens, so too will state legislation and regulation on clean energies raise the cost of electricity for Virginians. The more expensive it is to site, build, and maintain energy generation facilities of any type, to include renewable energies, the more costs will be passed on to consumers. Energy is the bedrock of the modern economy, and the Commonwealth’s foundation must be built on a secure, stable, and cost-effective energy supply that incorporates new technologies as they prove beneficial.  As small government conservatives, we realize that more government is rarely the answer, but when government is involved in important topics like energy, its involvement must be measured and responsible.

Innovation delivers better results for consumers and innovative technologies and techniques should be erased when suitable. Innovation has delivered low-cost renewable energy technologies, and the Commonwealth should take advantage of these innovations by bringing these projects to fruition.

For new energy investments to have the maximum economic impact in the areas, energy developers, construction companies, operators, and our utilities must utilize Virginia businesses when harnessing Virginia energy. Local businesses need the tools to compete with contractors from out of state who are often first in line for solar project construction. Energy Right is supporting projects and praising companies that pledge to utilize local businesses.

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