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9/15/22  9:41 am
Commenter: Steven Curtis

Competition is the only way to lower consumer costs is creating a path to nuclear energy competition by advocating for Small Modular Reactors in general and Molten Salt Reactor recycling of slightly used nuclear fuel (SUNF).  We advocate getting all subsidies out of the market and promote standards-based clean energy compliance because supporting a single sector of the free market only leads to monopolies and higher prices for consumers.

Disposing of stockpiles of SUNF is a critical path to gaining public support for nuclear power and our efforts would not only show a path to disposition, but it would create essentially unlimited energy with no pollution.  What better use could we put to using the existing Congressional Nuclear Waste Fund of $45 billion to than promoting a private industry solution to "plentiful clean energy".  All that is needed for this to happen is for a Governor agree to accept this material for recycling purposes.  

Competition is critical to lowering prices for consumers and creating innovation that will benefit consumers with no taxes needed.  The current Government spending is only suppressing competition and forcing solutions that only enrich monopolies at the expense of consumers.  Virginia is famously promoted as a free enterprise state that promotes new business and values liberty for the benefit of its citizens.  No threat to liberty is more pronounced than high-priced intermittent energy delivered to its citizens.   There is no better economic and clean energy producing idea than using existing SUNF stockpiles, which they are afraid of, to produce energy "too cheap to meter" to augment their quality of lives and their free thinking liberty.  

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