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Department of Energy
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9/14/22  9:44 am
Commenter: Anonymous

The energy future of Virginia

I have lived in Virginia since 1984. I purchased solar panels and geothermal heating / cooling for my house in 2014. I have now sold that house and downsized to a smaller one suitable for me in my senior years. This one I have also equipped with solar and supplanted the gas heat with an efficient heat pump.

If I can do this on my limited income so can this state. The switch to renewables is not a dream for the future. It is a critical necessity for the here and now.

Already too much money is being needed to fix the damage caused by the changing climate. If we invest that money now in the "all of the above" we will have a chance to save our species and culture for the future. However, that doesn't include in the "above" any fossil fuel.

Fooling ourselves into thinking that gas is "clean" is a hoax pushed by the industry greedy to wring as much profit as it can from a doomed system.

At this time today many jobs can be opened up immediately working to transform our energy system to renewable forms, including wind, solar, tidal, geothermal and battery storage.

We must make these changes as quickly as possible to save our lives and our future children's lives. We must do the right thing now.

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