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Department of Energy
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9/13/22  12:15 pm
Commenter: Shelley Tamres

Need to stop all burning of fossil fuels

It is clear from the rapidly increasing weather emergencies (destructive storms, floods, record breaking droughts, wildfires, record breaking temperatures) that we have to transition to renewable energy sources as soon as possible. There should be no further investments in NEW fossil fuel infrastructure. If fossil fuel companies, instead of taxpayers, were paying for all the cleanup from the storms, heat, pollution-caused illnesses, and wildfires, let alone compensating the families of people who have died from them, no one could afford to pay for fossil fuels. Making taxpayers pay for all these weather emergencies and then claiming that fossil fuels are cheap is a LIE.

And I completely fail to understand why so-called conservatives who believe in market-based solutions are against RGGI. RGGI IS a market-based solution and is bringing much needed funds into Virginia. It would be crazy to pull out of this important source of income.

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