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Department of Energy
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8/29/22  11:07 am
Commenter: RANDY DOYLE

Virginia Energy Policy - Let's be objective
  1. Your goals are right on.  Please add energy security.  Solar and wind will creates significant energy security issues by becoming dependent upon the weather to provide wind and solar, and on China for batteries and solar panels.
  2. Please use facts to dispel commonly held myths about wind and solar:
    1. Wind and solar are not "renewable" and "carbon free."  There's nothing renewable and carbon free about the mining, production, transportation, installation, maintenance, decommissioning, and disposal of wind turbines, solar panels, and batteries.  
    2. Wind and solar are not environmentally friendly.  How will we dispose of the toxic waste of batteries and solar panels?  Only one of several questions.
    3. The US is only 15% of the world's emissions.  Upending our society by undoing our current energy system while creating significant new environmental problems with wind and solar makes no sense.  
  3. Natural gas and propane are clean, abundant, US produced, affordable energy options.  They are essential to reliable, affordable power, a strong manufacturing infrastructure, and a quality of life for the Virginia homeowner. 
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