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8/26/22  8:40 pm
Commenter: JD

Man made climate change is a scam. Nuclear is the ultimate clean energy.

Man cannot change the climate, period.  Let me say again, we cannot change the temperature, the number of hurricanes, none of it.  I encourage all of you greenies to read the study on the NOAA sensors.  Most were in cornfields and pastures when they started, now most are on black asphalt In parking lots with restaurant exhaust blowing on them.  Do you think that’s an accurate way to measure temps?  When we hit our next cooling decade, then what will the cry be?  We made it too cold from driving v8’s?  Come on man!

wind and solar are NOT reliable sources of energy and guess how much longer fossil fuel is used to make both?  How about the fossil fuel used to lube the windmills ?  Tons of it.  And the diesel used to start a windmill (which it’s funny how when you drive past them, most are not spinning).  If the sun ain’t shining or the wind ain’t blowing, no power…unreliable.

nuclear is the way to go.  Steam is the byproduct. It’s reliable and clean.  



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