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Department of Energy
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8/23/22  4:58 pm
Commenter: PC

Wind and solar are the wrong choices for energy in Virginia

Dear Sirs,

I object to the continuation of developing more wind and solar electrical generation for a number of reasons.  They are not economical needing slave labor to produce in China and taxpayer subsidy here in the US.  They use excessive volume of materials for each KWH generated.  They use toxic chemicals in their production and 90 percent of used up solar panels end up in toxic landfills.  They have a relatively short life and are fragile and susceptible to weather events.  They occupy a relatively huge land footprint for each intermittent KWH generated.  They require expensive grid redesign and fossil backup.  Private citizens that install them take advantage of unfair taxpayer subsidies leaving those on the grid to pay more for each KWH.  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  The only solution now and into the future is to generate clean, reliable, economical, and equitable electricity using  modern nuclear power.

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