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Guidance Document Change: The guidance document "Model Policies Concerning Instructional Materials with Sexually Explicit Content" was developed in conjunction with stakeholders in order to comply with SB656 (2022).
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8/1/22  11:31 pm
Commenter: opposed to right wing censorship

sb 656 proposed model policies

SB 656 is simply a political ploy by the right wing to get votes by scaring people about school library books and instructional materials. All those in favor make no mention of how they keep their children away from TV, the internet, social media, movies, etc., that are loaded with sexually explicit material, cursing, smoking, drinking, guns and gun violence. This is also an overt discriminatory act against any student not white and straight. After reading many of the comments, it's clear people don't even know the difference between the law, which is already passed, and proposed model policies for implementing the law. They have no idea that parents can already request certain books and access to certain materials be withheld from their children. Parents already can be on textbook and curriculum approval committees at the local and state levels. But, people are too dumb to know that and, therefore, are easily led down the sexually explicit content path. Oh horrors. 

This bill is an adjunct to Governor Youngkin's tattle on a teacher hotline. Where is all that data much of which probably contains lies and slanderous allegations about teachers? Where are teachers' rights to a copy of statements about them, as required under Virginia  code? Where is the data being kept? How is it kept secure? What will become of it? Why hasn't the Governor acted on it, after all, it was such a crucial thing to do to get votes? 

SB 656 contains minimal requirements. Policies should be equally as minimal and no school board should be permitted to have policies leading to discrimination against any students or group of students because of their gender identity or homosexuality. Banning or censoring books or instructional materials should be specifically disallowed. No school board should be allowed to have more 'comprehensive' policies that censor teachers' speech.

Gay kids read lots of books about straight kids. It doesn't make them straight. Straight kids read about gay or transgender kids, it doesn't make them gay or trans. How about requiring school boards to begin their policies with that statement?






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